Thursday, January 26, 2006

Instant Gratification

Everybody wants it now. It's the me generation. Everything direct-to-you, filtered, personalised, customised, spoon-fed, technicolour. now now now now nownownownownownownow.

Mcdonald's, MTV, blowjobs, Prada, love: Nothing is sacrosanct anymore. No more delayed gratification, no more dreaming and planning, no more hard work and effort, and most of all, no more generosity and consideration.

Needs. Wants. The difference between the two gets blurrer and blurrer. The economic theories of Adam Smith seem to have deteriorated into a zero-sum game where you rush to get your instant piece of pie, or you're forever left behind, hungry and destitute, while some more ambitious bugger is selling off the extra pieces he can't swallow.

People don't even KNOW what they want any longer. We're paying for things we don't really want, or even need. But we sure as hell want it NOW. NOW NOW NOW NOW NOWNOWNOWNOWNOW.

Examples: New handphones bought with the credit card with "zero annual fee" but horrendously usurious charges, scrimping every month to put that downpayment on a piece-of-shit (but most importantly, brand new) national car, the instant gratification from broadband internet, customised TV channels...... Now you can even announce your jinjang-ness with Jay Chou ringtones on your brand new Motorola Razr V3(crappy interface, but who cares? My credit card can afford it even if I can't).

People take 110% loans on piece-of-shit Gen 2s and drive around enjoying the new car smell and the "sporty"(lanciau! Sporty? If I sneezed hard enough, I could propel myself faster than your wau-shaped scrap metal) handling.

What happens when it's maintenance time? Do you know the difference between a brake pump and an oil sump? Do you know what's in synthetic motor oils? Or were you too caught up in the feeling of new-car-ownership that you refused to see the fact that your car was worth a few thousand ringgit less the moment you drove it off the lot and its future could only get bleaker? You were fantasising about the girls you could now go "dating" with didn't you? Did you budget enough of your salary to pay for the change of timing belt, tyres and the eventual overhaul instead of just your monthly loan repayments? No? Well you're "proper-fucked"(as the Pikey Brad Pitt says in Snatch) now, aren't you?

That's OK. Apply for another credit card to cover my debts, stay with my parents till I'm 30, work for a soul-less corporation and abandon my morals. After all, I've got my Astro, newest handphone, new car, Streamyx, and DoTA. Who needs to achieve great things when I can live in mediocrity and get my instant, customised-for-my-personal-enjoyment "happy-fix" for such an affordable price?

Isn't progress fun??

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