Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Butter many privates! Fuck to fry the cow river!

Thanks CK. This is probably the hardest I've laughed today.

My good friend CK sent me this link yesterday. It's a forum discussing the English translation of Chinese menus - Real Chinese tailok China. It's hilarious.

In case you don't read mandarin, they translated buttered toast - or "niu yu duo si"(duo si being the phonetic translation of 'toast' in mandarin, and is represented by the characters "many" for "duo" and "soldier" for "si") into "butter many privates". In case you don't understand the subtle joke behind the more blatant one, the translator chose to be smart and replaced 'soldier' with 'private', which is actually a more accurate meaning of the chinese word 'si'. The funniest thing is he knows his english, and because there are 'many' of them, hence the plural and the word 'privates'.

Go see for yourself. I'm laughing my soldiers off.

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