Tuesday, August 30, 2005

18 bucks well spent

I bought the hardcover version of Ken Follett's Jackdaws, a humorous, sometimes sad, and very entertaining story about a bunch of misfit women who are sent on a very dangerous mission in world war 2, who triumph in the face of overwhelming odds despite the tragic price they pay. All for the price of 18 bucks second-hand. It was as good as new, being a hardcover, and I've had this book on my 'want' list for a VERY long time. Very worth it and I was so happy to find it for only 18 bucks.

Finished the 451 pages in about 5 hours. I'm typing this bleary-eyed and stinky at 5.12 am. Busuk because I still haven't bathed.

I just calculated that I can about afford one book a day. Isn't that amazing? :) On the allowance that I get, if I don't spend it on anything else. I can buy a new novel(average price RM33) every single day! So what I need to do now is find a way to increase my income by 1000 every month and I'll never run out of books to read. Taking into account the fact that sometimes I'll need more than a day for one book, some books are cheaper, and sometimes I'm lucky and can buy secondhand, I can buy MORE than one book a day.

I haven't thought about it much, but I've already achieved one of my dreams :)

Monday, August 29, 2005


Partial transcript of an IM conversation I had with my cousin discussing independence day this year.


teelany : haha as though la so patriotic

teelany : got pump petrol at petronas or not ...

teelany : support malaysia petrol company

khaitzer: NABEH.....

teelany : plus they give you small tiny bendera for your kereta

teelany : hahahhahaha

teelany : apa nabeh

khaitzer: drive kancil oso they should give me datukship liau!

khaitzer: somore i use more 'cibai' and 'pundek' than 'fuck', oso patriotic wut.

khaitzer: bahasa malaysia.

teelany : thats why

teelany : kenot use nabeh

khaitzer: at least oso dato seri liau...

khaitzer: nabeh can lah.

teelany : waaaaahh

khaitzer: paloh use a lot.

teelany : like this all the mat rempit at sogo also become datuk dy