Monday, August 29, 2005


Partial transcript of an IM conversation I had with my cousin discussing independence day this year.


teelany : haha as though la so patriotic

teelany : got pump petrol at petronas or not ...

teelany : support malaysia petrol company

khaitzer: NABEH.....

teelany : plus they give you small tiny bendera for your kereta

teelany : hahahhahaha

teelany : apa nabeh

khaitzer: drive kancil oso they should give me datukship liau!

khaitzer: somore i use more 'cibai' and 'pundek' than 'fuck', oso patriotic wut.

khaitzer: bahasa malaysia.

teelany : thats why

teelany : kenot use nabeh

khaitzer: at least oso dato seri liau...

khaitzer: nabeh can lah.

teelany : waaaaahh

khaitzer: paloh use a lot.

teelany : like this all the mat rempit at sogo also become datuk dy



1 comment:

Telanie said...

The ending so abrupt ... sounds like a story halfway kena cut... haha. Suddenly *end*