Friday, April 07, 2006

Sheng Wai Comes in Public!!!

Check out that orgasmic look on his face. What a perverted little motherfucker. And there were small kids around too!!! Most importantly, he was looking at a fat old aunty with grey-blonde hair and saggy tits when I caught him doing this. HAAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Bryan, SW and I got a whole load of laughs and wet shoes trying to get this perfect shot at the Genting Theme Park and it was too funny not to post.


Kilian said...

ma chau hai?

Raksha said...

Dude, I get traumatised enough at my new job. I REALLY don't need any further trauma. Having such a pic load on my Mac is not a good thing. Especially when my boss sits right behind me. *pained look*.