Monday, December 18, 2006

Yeah yeah... when pigs climb trees......

Recently I had the dubious pleasure of meeting a dyed-in-the-wool feminazi with fairy-tale-princess fantasies. Without delving too deeply into details, let's just say that previously, I had ample reason to look forward to meeting her(as I had reason to believe that she was someone who had an Intellect), and expected much more than have my hopes rudely and bluntly dashed.

My hopes of matching wits and engaging in intelligent discourse with a calm, supremely intelligent person were dashed the moment I met her (Just goes to show that nothing counts until you really know someone). This woman was the typical feminazi archetype: She was "not pretty" *cough-cough*, rude and standoffish, had loud, aggresive opinions about anyone and anything, and defended her views with the typical feminazi "all-men-are-sexist" injurious tone, all the while expounding her frankly ludicrous opinions with "I don't about you lah, but I do it like this...."No, moron. You are not the world's foremost expert on life. In fact, you need a huge helping of slap-you-silly, if not thousands of hours of therapy.

I'll refrain from explaining the details of how she scarfed her food and indulged in a gratuitous facial tic that turned me off the moment i met her.But I shall enlighten you on the contradictory, hypocritical views that she held on life and love.

You see, I don't expect much of people I meet for the first time. I don't care if you're ugly, fat, have warts, have AIDS, are shy... I don't even mind if you make jokes or prank me, as long as I know it's in good fun. So when I tell you how off-putting this woman was, trust me, ugh...

While she interspersed her meal with random bigoted anecdotes about how all men are pigs, how they deserved to be punished and "you have to keep them in line" and "i'm a strong woman i don't understand how girls can be submissive" etc etc(remember I was meeting her for the first time), it became patently obvious that she was projecting her insecurities and inherent sexism onto the entire male population, laying blame on the Y-chromosome as the root of all evil.

And then came the kicker, the moron feminazi announced that she was itching for her boyfriend to propose. I tell you, bitches like this reinforce the myth that girls are stupid.

And once again, she was fugly. F....AHHHHH.......GLY! Ugh!


AG said...

sounds like she was joking la ... even GUYS I know say that men are pigs.

you're being too sensitive la, she didn't pay you enough attention izzit? is this the reason for this bitchfest attempt at character assassination?

are you also saying that if she was prettier, you'd have sat and bore it better?

doesn't that make you a .. er .. pig?

El Nino said...

Dear Ag, thanks for making the effort to drop a comment!

No, it doesn't sound like she was joking.

Yes, I know pussy men who say that for female approval, and yes, I know girls that say girls are sluts too. Makes you think, doesn't it?

And in response to your loaded questions, no, no, and no.

And therefore, no.

Have a wonderful day and a happy new year, ag :)

AG said...

If you honestly think no, then I think that you, my dear pot .. met kettle!

happy new year!

agjunkie said...

haha.. managed to get you annoyed now did i? aww ...

El Nino said...

Ohhhhhh... No wonder the vitriol and insults... :)

We could talk about pashmina and perfume all day long, but I'm concerned because feminazis only see things through labia-shaped glasses.

Now that I know who you are, my dear, I'll explain it to you. My comments were not a "bitchfest attempt at character assasination", unlike yours. but were based on the insights of a very good friend of hers that I met with afterwards.

So you see, I was merely expressing my measured opinion, which was backed up with anecdotal evidence, which is my prerogative...

...while you, baby, have NOTHING but insults disguised as rhetorical questions. "Sounds like you're a lesbian lah. Young time kena molest is it? Is this the reason for your love of rug-munching feminazism?" Yes dear,I know what you're doing.

Even your comment "sounds like she was joking la" is based on what I typed!! And FYI,character assasination cannot occur when a character has NOT been identified. :)

And now, it is my humble opinion(for the benefit of my readers) that you, AG, are also a femi.. woman who happens to share some, if not all of the beliefs of the protagonist in my post

A parting piece of advice since you're such a loyal reader, girl: Do try and express your opinions honestly, and try not to disguise your residual sexism by hiding behind other issues, and in the future, do try and refrain from cheap literary potshots. It might be satisfying, but you'll lose the respect of the intelligent people.

AG said...


sure sure