Sunday, April 15, 2007

6 weird things about me

Good friend Ah Lau has tagged me. So I (apparently) have to tell you embarrassing things about me...... (or else what? The Meme Police are going to arrest me? Ah well it's all in good fun), so here goes:

1. My nose is bent prominently to the left. The official excuse is that I ate ball biscuit()while playing basketball.

2. Hair on my body grows in weird places, like only the top of my thighs and the outside of my calves.

3. I can't breathe if someone has a strong air freshener in the car. My respiratory system simply refuses to work at the first whiff of ambi-pur and I'm left gasping like a fish until I wind down the window for outside air.

4. I have no phobia of snakes(so long as they're not poisonous) or rats or even large insects like beetles or monster butterflies, but I harbour an inordinate amount of loathing for cockroaches(kachatophobia). Filthy filthy bastards.

5. My first memories start around the age of 1 and I can still remember details, verifiable by my mother.

6. I can swallow liquids with my mouth open. (TA-DAAAA!!! Finally something interesting huh!)

I tag Elaine and April Groupie.

1 comment:

Raksha said...

KNN! I've been MEME-ED! *Argh!!*

Lol. You're lucky you explained to me on msn why I've been tagged. Otherwise...*cracks knuckles*