Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The blurred line between "want" and "need"

  1. A pro flickr account. US$24.95.
  2. A Shun 8" chef knife. About RM500. Drool.
  3. A few bottles of my favourite Red Island olive oil. I swear, you'll finally understand what the big fuss is about olive oil when you taste this. (Oil that has taste, you say? Ah-ha! ;) Come over anytime I'll give you a taste from my dwindling supply. Anyone coming back from Australia soon?) I also want to try the Yellingbo Gold I'm hearing so much about. But it's about 80 bucks a bottle. And that's blood-vomitingly expensive for cooking oil. Argh.
  4. A pair of white and gold Adidas sneakers
  5. A few big huge 24" LCD screens. They're already less than 1k each nowadays so it's really tempting.
  6. A nice pair of loafers. When's the next Hush Puppies warehouse sale?
  7. iPhone.


JingYing said...

No. 1 would be something I really want to..

cyber-red said...

"white & gold adidas"

fuah, so the homey ah