Friday, July 21, 2006

Industrial Strength*updated*

There's a new palm oil mill up. These pics will go into my "industrial" collection. Enjoy:--
the mill from far *new*



Kilian said...

The water from the last picture looks like mercury la. Like taken from some suburban 23rd century factory where they are going to peel open your skin from the top..then pour those mercury into your brain , and then you will feel so itchy that you cant stand it then try find your way out from the top. Perfect way to unskin a human. KKC

Anyway today gua nampak gua punya ex girl friend , wah, nasib baik dia sudah jadi ex , tak tersangka dia tu pernah tiup gua lar. mahai kau kau AS trian

蓝双子 said...

i like the third pics