Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Who are you?

Alright, who's the person secretly topping up my handphone credit? Come on now, it's starting to freak me out, because 10 bucks a day is 300 bucks a month.

If you're a friend who means well, I thank you, but there's no need. I already love you and I have plenty of my own money.

If you're a girl that's interested in me, please stop. My affection cannot be bought. Try asking me out. I'll almost always say yes.

If you're a guy that's interested in me. Please stop. And tell me who you are, so I can give you back your money.

If you're trying to get back in my good books, then by all means continue doing it. You'll never get back in my good books once you're off. But on the upside, I have 300 bucks extra a month. Better one person happy than none.

If you're one of my brothers and this is a prank designed to drive me nuts..... you bastards, when I catch you, you're gonna have my foot so high in your ass you'll be coughing up my shoelaces.

1 comment:

ChoonSeng said...

Dude... you seen Pay It Forward? Go on, perpetuate the good deed. 1 buck a day is all I ask to be a smiling, happy boy. And at the end of it, 2 happy people! Genius!