Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pet peeves

1. When I overhear an argument between morons, both with their facts wrong.....
"Eh Yugoslovakia lah!"
"No no! Czechoslovakia and Serbia were both part of Bosnia-Herzegovina!"

............. niama. Worse than nails scratching on blackboard. What the fuck is a Yugoslovakia?

2. Fake tits.

3. Primary schoolkids practicing "the shuffle", which brings me to...

4. Ah Bengs.

5. DOTA. Get a life.

6. Radio deejays on the 'hit stations' spewing a million words a minute when talking to people who call in. They're like banner ads on a website: A lot of noise but no content.

7. People who repeat hearsay as gospel. "I heard...." "They say...." Here's a tip, unless it's first-hand info, it's usually bullshit. And you're a dumbass for believing bullshit.

8. Fuckers who use the word "Bro..." in inappropriate context. They'll bro the waiters, the ushers, the fucking bouncers, the bartenders and every one of the help, and then turn around and complain to their friends about the atrocious service. What the fuck? Your brother wut! You settle it lah!

9. Obviously beta fuckers who brag and try to show-off about the number of girls they've banged. Same goes for girls who brag about the number of boyfriends they've had. Ish. Attention deficit meh? Who cares??

10. Feminazis. Let's not get started.

11. The fuckers who study overseas for a few years, then come back and speak to their own people with the 'fili-feleh' accent. Diu lei lou mou chau hai...... Oh you understand ah? I thought you guai lou! Sorry ah! :)

12. People(pronounced "Soh-hais") who drive slowly in the fast lane, or worst yet, drive slowly while hogging both lanes.

13. Taxi drivers. Oh wait. I'm being redundant.

13. Mercedes drivers. Oh wait. I'm being redundant again.

14. Subang drivers. Oh wait... again. Sorry.

15. Seeing melt-your-shoes-off-hot girls with ugly-looking dudes.

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