Thursday, February 23, 2006

Breaking News: BIRD FLU!!!!

[kuala lumpur, Thursday]
Bird flu has spread beyond Setapak! Authorities have discovered that in the past week, the following people: John, Razneil, Li Jin, Sheng Wai, Weng Fai, Luanne, Jessica, Andrew, Jay, Jin Hee, Kuhsandra, Ariel, Prem, Haan Chiang, and Ong........

....... have all been found to be exhibiting the main symptom of bird flu: Talking Cock. Especially Li Jin, whom the CDC (Atlanta Center for Disease Control) suspects is the primary vector for the H5N1 and WH4 viruses.

Stay tuned for updates on whether we have to chop off your cock to prevent further transmission of the disease.


Cass said...

hey you! it's CASSANDRA, thank you very much.
and no, i don't talk cock either :)

El Nino said...

Hello Ms Foo, I beg to differ on BOTH counts. It's obviously spelled with a 'K' and you definitely talk cock.

And yes, I think we'll have to chop off your cock to prevent the spread of the disease. Your constant staring at me and smiling lasciviously has got me very worried.

kmiin said...

cock post hahahaha

Cass said...

it's a frigging 'C' alright
how does Chai Tzer sound then? :)
constant staring and smiling?

anyways, get a tagboard. easier.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Affected by Khai Tzer.

Just found this post today.