Monday, February 06, 2006

The Obsession With Virgins

Come on, guys. Really!

Despite what zeitgeist demands of society, despite watching enough Carrie Bradshaw you want to buy shares in Manolo Blahnik, and no matter how sophisticated, worldly, and tolerant you think you are, most of you fuckers are still backward, village-bred, uneducated, nosy bastards.

Let me elaborate.

There's this unbelievable obsession with virgins. This is the 21st century my friends. It's not "the coming century". It's already here. Yeah yeah, so technology has advanced to the point where you can find a satellite picture of your own house on Google(if you don't know how to you really belong in the last century), but we still haven't evolved beyond the point where a person's experience(or the absence) of sex determines so much about his/her social status.

Does anyone other than me notice the hang-ups we have about sex? It's blatantly used in advertising, discussed under the guise of 'social problems' in the newspapers, leered over with lascivious, voyeuristic joy in the Agony Aunt columns, and generally hangs over all of us like a giant, pink phallus that nobody admits they can see.

Guys hate to be virgins. If they had half a choice, they'd hump the baby girl in the next womb and get the whole fucking stigma out of the way as early as possible. There's nothing more fatal to your social cachet than to be named "the 22-year old virgin"......... and I'm not telling you who lest he commit suicide out of shame.

Girls have it hard(no pun intended). Since feminism and female emancipation and bra-burning and all that power woman nonsense, they've come to realise that all their high-browed denial of anything sexual has done nothing but drive up the shares of dildo and vibrator companies, and hence the "new woman" has apparently discovered her sexually-liberated self along with the birth-control patch(21st-century you know? No more pills).

But whoops, society isn't that open yet! I'll put it crudely: The girls wanna fuck, but they have to stay virgins. How old-fashioned is that?!?!?!? This is really weird. Girls want to remain virgins, but they don't know why. They have their own life, they go after the guys they want, they live a life of such quality that they would never have had at the beginning of the last century. But, BUT, the stubborn vestiges of Victorian-era propriety still has its stranglehold on the "moral-fibre" of the 21st century woman!

But anyway, this obsession with virginity has to stop. Girls don't want virgin guys, and guys only want virgin girls. However, most guys are virgins, while most girls are not. Funny isn't it? :) Maybe it's only my own stupid way of thinking, but it really shouldn't matter if you're attracted to that person at that moment right? Does it make you more or less of a person if you've had sex(or not)?

Take a leaf from the Europeans. Other than the pretentious British, I've rarely met Europeans who have hang-ups about sex. It's always cool. It's always OK. And it's always safe. They have low teen pregnancy rates because they're educated about sex. You think all that religious mumbo-jumbo about abstinence delivered by a hamsap-looking religious scholar with a goat beard can fight with the torrents of testosterone and oestrogen coursing through our teenage veins? Exactly. You wanna talk about a hangup? Talk about Al-Qaeda promising those terrorists so many virgins in heaven after they die a martyr.

I've got an idea, that friendster post up a field where you have to declare whether you're a virgin or not. That would be a really great way to read a person's mindset. But then most people would probably fill in that field with "it's complicated". LOL.

Socity has advanced. And the ladies shouldn't be bothered anymore. There's nothing I respect more than a woman who's honest with herself, who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to get it. I know how it is ladies. You know as you're reading this that it's so natural to express your needs, that you really do want to do it. And if you feel that it's natural, then you should just go for it. With me, that's not even a choice, it's the only answer. Most people don't feel this way, and if you stop to analyse it, even you might not feel this way, but you know deep down inside, in the most secret of your secret places, that it's true.


beng. said...

"..hamsap-looking religious scholar with a goat beard..." <-- that's what a real witticism is all about!! solid fact and most significantly, CANDIDLY written. fcuk dude, you really made my day after reading your blog. haha

El Nino said...

thanks for the compliments, beng. We aim to please :) Do continue reading and I'll post whenever I'm free.