Monday, May 08, 2006

All A Guy Wants.............

............ is a simple, classy girl: Someone incredibly intelligent, someone incredibly kind, someone down-to-earth. All a guy wants is someone worth dying for, someone that takes his breath away after seeing her for the thousandth time. He wants a girl who's also a woman. He wants someone to nurture him. He wants an independent woman with ambitions as great and noble as his..... and would be willing to give it all up for him, because then he'll know it's worth devoting his life and love to support her dreams.

He wants a woman he can call "my girl" even when she's old and grey. He wants a girl who is kind when she doesn't have to, who sees people as they are, and loves him without condition. He wants a girl who is strong outside, yet soft, vulnerable, and beautiful inside. He wants a classy girl who's as comfortable with royalty as she is with beggars and the destitute. He wants a shy girl who goes red when he teases her. He wants a feisty girl that teases him back after she goes red. He wants someone with a mind as quick as his. He wants a girl who will be a great mother to his children. He wants a girl who's happy whenever she's with him, even if all he has is a simple hut and enough food for the next meal. He wants a smart girl who trusts him absolutely, and believes in him inequivocably. He wants a girl who will tell him when he's wrong, someone he will listen to when she tells him he's wrong. He wants her to love his family as he does.

He wants a gentle girl, a happy girl. He wants a tall girl, a voluptous girl. He wants a girl so gorgeous his mind spins when he first sets sights on her, but impresses him so much with mind and soul that he forgets about her looks.

All a guy wants is a simple, classy girl. a nymphomaniac-scientist-supermodel. Talk so much for what? 3 words describe it all.

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Anonymous said...

good luck. haha