Thursday, May 04, 2006

Interesting things that happened this past week

1. Beach Club, Labour Day eve: On the podium in the centre, there was a bangla dude dry-humping a slutty whore from behind to the beat of trance music. At one point, he even pushed her head down as he literally slammed her from behind, in front of the entire club. It was horrendously surreal.

2. Labour day, driving home on the beautiful Yong Peng- Paloh road, mummy and I practise our grammar:
*I twitch the steering wheel to avoid a dead musang on the road*
Mummy:"OI!! WHAT HAPPEN?!?!?"
Me :"Uh nothing lah. It's a musang."
Me :"I mean, it WAS a musang. The thing is alread......."
*swings steering wheel violently to the left again as another fucking fox crosses the road*
Mummy:"What was THAT?!?!??!"
Me "Is. That IS a musang."

I also avoid 6 dogs a cat, and 2 other musangs and at least 1 cibai Paloh motorcyclist within the 1 hour drive.

3. I saw a huge heron that was half as tall as me.
4. I discovered the joys of couch potato-hood with a long weekend back home.
5. A 6-series(M6) and 612 Scaglietti(both red) in convoy overtook us so fast on the highway that we couldn't even see whether the plates were Malaysian or Singaporean. There were just two incredibly loud whooshes, and by the time we turned out into the fast lane, they had left us at least half a kilometre behind.
6. Elaine has a huge bush.

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Raksha said...

Thank you, I think, for advertising my verbal gaffe AGAIN. Perhaps I should even consider changing my surname to it eh? Just like good ol' George. Heh.