Saturday, October 15, 2005

Wow, you're amazing.

People who Deserve My Awed Respect and (sometimes) adulation
Bill Watterson
- creator of Calvin and Hobbes.
Trey Parker and Matt Stone
- creators of South Park.
Chuck Palahniuk
- author of Fight Club, who managed to describe bipolar isorder/schizophrenia in such living detail.
Robert Jordan and J.R.R. Tolkien
-for their amazing ability to create such detailed alternate universes and tell stories.
Mariah Carey
- for her discipline and ability to work so hard. Oh, and her amazing voice too.
Paris Hilton
- who enjoys her money and her life without giving a fuck what the envious people think. I'll bet she'll be a really interesting friend to have.
- for his sheer talent and guts in becoming the best rapper in the world.
Gwen Stefani
- For her style and her irresistably hip music.
Ray Charles, Alicia Keys, Diana Krall, Maxwell, Innuendo
Because your music moves and startles me with its beauty and sheer lyricism. Innuendo will sing for me on my wedding day.

People who have earned a grudging bit of my attention
J.K. Rowling, for becoming a billionaire just writing books about screwed-up children. NOT for her literary ability, mind.
Destiny's child -Skanky feminist whores with an unfair ability to create such beautiful music.

People who have earned my contempt and derision
Australians - superficial, calculative, uncouth, loud wankahs with a distinct lack of sophistication. And Australian women are grotesquely fat and ugly and rude and stupid..... wait, I'm being redundant.
Rupert Murdoch, idiot Australian(now American) media mogul who thinks everyone else is an idiot like him. Wait. I'm being redundant again.... This must be a uniquely Malaysian affectation.
Diana, Princess of Wales and Royal Whore.
Puff Daddy(and the rest of the 'blingbling' clique). Dude, you look stupid. Understatement is cool; not decking yourself out like a faggot pansy. Only a highschooler wants to live like you, walking around with an entourage and shades at night *snigger*. No wonder people sniff at the nouveau riche. I'm not wealthy by a far cry and even I wanna laugh at you.

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