Wednesday, October 19, 2005

fettucine with sauteed garoupa medallions, reduced bouillabaisse and long beans.

my... what big teeth you have.
.....The better to eat you with.. wuahahhahahaha.
I managed to get my hands on a spotted grouper(sek pan) that was so fresh there was still slime on the skin. Imagine my happiness! I considered grilling the bugger with garlic and thyme, then there was the idea of making soupe de poisson(fish soup), but I forgot to buy clams or prawns or squid. So pasta it was! First time I'm experimenting with fish and pasta. And it works.
The best part is that it's low fat, low GI, and lots of protein. Perfect! Of course there's the 'heavenly' version which includes butter and more olive oil. Message me if you want to know how to cook this. Yum yum!
*The first picture was taken while I was cleaning the fish. It's really interesting how the jaw unhinges and opens to this huge size. You won't think it's possible looking at it with the mouth closed.

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