Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Sometimes, when you're jaded and raw, when you're depressed and down, when you start feeling cynical, defensive and untrusting of the big bad world around you, you encounter something of immense, absolute, breathtaking beauty.

Immediately you feel better. You feel awe and wonder. You're intrigued that such beauty can be created that you couldn't even begin to imagine. But most of all, you're filled with delight and joy and the random, petty worries of humankind lift off your shoulder for at least that moment. But even after the event has happened and you come back to reality, you're recharged with hope and optimism, you remember the great things you will one day achieve, and you wait for the moment when nature, once again, presents you with that one fleeting moment of awe-inducing splendour.

Taken on the morning of 14/05/05, at home(kekayaan estate) , before we left for Fraser's Hills. Click for the large version, to clearly see the mist shrouding the valleys.

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