Monday, November 21, 2005

My friends finally grow a backbone.....

......and not just a front-bone from being fucked in the ass.

I swear, this is the funniest thing that has happened in a long long long long while. Just when I thought it was impossible, my good friends straightened up and got balls. Read my post "my friends are a bunch of sissy boys" here or just scroll down below to understand what happened.

And I finally finally get a response. Not the one I wanted - which was for all of them to wise up, apologise for being faggots, shout at me with all sorts of insults for calling them faggots, and then finally get their ass into action so that we could go to Phuket for REAL.

Instead, all I got was a scathing, under-the-belt personal attack by my good friend A, who insisted that I name him instead of alphabetizing my 'friends'(whatever makes you happy bro). So A is Sheng Wai. Please replace his name in the post below to get a truer picture, and harder laughs. The other pussy faggots have not put in requests to be named, and so they shall remain alphabets.

Anyway, Sheng Wai, who will be UMNO chairman one day even though he's not an earth-prince, got so fucking pissed off that he questioned the generosity of my parents, derided my financial situation, painted me as a useless do-nothing with unbelievable skills in picking up women, and in general laid out all the things that he hates about me but never told me before.

*please hold on, I'm laughing so hard that I'm holding my stomach*

We now know how he feels about me. If you want to know what sort of a person one of my best friends think I am, please click here(note, you need a friendster account to see it) to visit his friendster homepage, in which he uses the 'about me' column to launch his vendetta to destroy my reputation.

I never believed that I would see the day when Sheng Wai would lose his temper. I've tried goading him and pissing him off many many many times, all to no avail. Today, I have pissed him off. He typed that long treatise in friendster, obviously in great anger and a loss of control of his emotions, and basically attacked me with anything that he could use, especially in the first few sentences where people are 'giving me face' and his attempt at sarcasm about me being a 'professional blogger'. Note how angry he was. I posted this after midnight, and in less than 12 hours I get TWO scathing personal attacks from a person who deosn't really like reading or writing. Personally I think he's a fan of my blog, but that's just the narcissist in me speaking.

He posted this on the bulletin board later, obviously in a fairer mood and even injecting his humour(It's pretty funny. Read it. I like the part about me being a rich spoilt kid):

Date:Monday, November 21, 2005 9:55:00 AM
Subject:A friend of mine
What I am writing is now basically Part II of what I wrote in my profileSo if you 8 poh 8 kong wanna know what's going on , you can check them outSome of you might not even know what' going on after reading the first part, don't worry that's probably because you're just too stupid.
Anyway Cont...
Now let's back track alittle, good friend cum professional blogger KT mentioned earlier thatfaggot friends of his are too pussy to take the diving licence with him during the 3 weeksbreak and now complaining to him bout not asking them to come along. You think everybody so free like you? Wake up late late, go to the gym whenever you liked , pick up the girls so beautiful that none of your good friends ever seen before, eat healthy food, go travelling overseas whenever you liked, good supportive parents, have loads of money to spend as a student , go diving whenever you like?
While you're having fun out of your ass there, Ppl or rather faggot friends of yours are working, scratching their heads over failed designs, getting drunk all night, earning hard earn money to support their lifestyle, their daughters? But that's besides the point, Money is never an issue isn't it my dear friend? Yes, I agreeSo for those who are experiencing what I wrote above, YOU mr BLogger KT has no right to condemm them(you probably have the right , it's your mouth anyway_ .
But if you're refering to those who're free/not working ppl and also rich ppl that is whining , then to hell they go.That's about it for now
Sheng wai
P.S : Though stupid, KT remains a good friend and I used the word stupid cuz I cant usethe F work, it's censored.

Since I'm not bothered by his attacks on me(I'd say it's fair since I called him and the rest, a bunch of loose-bowelled sissy boys), I'll come back to my main objective, which was to give them all a virtual slap to the face and get them as worked up as I am about taking the trip.

So far there has been a strengthened conviction from Sheng Wai to get his diving license, but other than that, no attempts to play a part in organising the trip. As he says,"If the trip is on, then it's on." But of course, it falls to the lazy vagrant who lazes around all day, wakes up as late as he wants, and picks up beautiful chicks he's never seen(i.e. me) to organise the trip, since he has so much free time that he should bloody well do it, while hard-working people like him don't have the time for all this nonsense, he has more important things to do(like get drunk and make money for some daughter of his).

I won't comment on his arguments about us taking the diving license years ago. Let's just say that I am right and I'll tell him to his face, it's too boring for an outsider to understand.

And then the first Yahoo message I got this morning was from C, who sent me this message:

(11:17:48 AM): faggot #3 will confirm the phuket trip with u end of this week

hehe. Someone has a sense of humour.

So in an attempt to wake them up, all I've done is:
1. Get them royally pissed-off at me.
2. Get my reputation destroyed. Thank god not many people read my blog or my friendster page, or I'll have so many beautiful women after me for being such an evil person.
3. Semi-serious promises to buck up and think about the trip.

All in all I'd call it a royal failure. Anyway I won't be holding my breath about the Phuket trip.

"screw you guys, I'm going home."

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