Monday, November 21, 2005

My Dick is a Ring!!

Try to stop laughing after you read this. Partial transcript of an online conversation I had with Elaine, the hilarious Darling Bud of May:

elaine : oh let me tell u a joke
elaine : how much of japanese do you understand?
elaine : do you know of the 'mangkuk' and 'cincin' joke?
khaitzer: no.
elaine : hahahhaa
elaine : ok...let me tell japanese...'mangkuk' means 'pussy'
elaine : 'cincin' means 'dick'
elaine : hahahaha
elaine : so when the japs come..which ever jap that is close to us...we tell them..hahahaha
khaitzer: oh. cincin i know.
khaitzer: mangkuk means pussy?
elaine : we take a ring out..and say 'korewa cincin'
khaitzer: WUAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!
elaine : take a bowl out and says 'korewa mangkuk'
elaine : then we put the ring in the bowl and say
elaine : hhahhahaahhaa
khaitzer: *bangs head on table repeatedly*
elaine : they fucking dont believe us that its really bowl and ring in Malay
elaine : hehehhhehehe
elaine : good one eh? hahahaha
elaine: ahh..the ironies of life and language......


Raksha said...

Sigh. There goes my reputation as the Darling Bud of May...

El Nino said...

Reputation.....? What reputation?!?? :)

Raksha said...

My good girl, angelic, sweeter than honey 'reputation' know, the one I pull on just to make people gag? Lol.