Friday, November 11, 2005

Show-Off eats Humble Pie - 2nd Episode

Someone, I'm not saying who, tried to show off his new hops by dunking a basketball. Stupid dumb cunt that he is, he courageously rised above the rim, slammed the ball as hard as he could and hung on the rim for a moment..... only for the rim to reject his dunk and his fingers slip, and he dropped back to the ground in a crouch. Nevertheless, it was an impressive show of force to the playground regulars who started saying stuff like "oh shit, I'm not going to guard him." and "motherfucker did you see him jump?"

So he swaggered off to the side, basking in the questionable glory of basketball amateurs as he took in the mutterings and awed whispers. What they didn't know was that he was already fucking embarrassed to see his dunk rejected, not to mention the fact that his thumb was injured, numb and bleeding from grabbing the rim at an awkward angle.


Oh well, at least I had a great session, winning every pickup game and even forcing their two best players to double-team me. I RULE!

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