Saturday, November 05, 2005

"Hi. I'm a moron. I'm from Paloh."

Here's what a typical person from Paloh is like: damn sampat, has a distinct lack of social propriety, talks in hokkien-accented mandarin at the top of his voice, likes to blow water (exaggerate his abilities) and gabs nonsense all the time. A typical Paloh conversation goes like below(and I am repeating almost verbatim. This really happened).

"Wah, the lenglui come already," one idle old uncle overheard shouting to another at the top of his voice, even though the other idle uncle is just next to him.

*The "lenglui" is almost as pretty as the rear end of a syphilitic hippopotamus.

"Hallo uncle." butt-ugly 'lenglui' calls out in hokkien accented mandarin.
"WAH... The lenglui just talked to you!" Another idle uncle standing next to them shouts out.
"Wah. I should be so happy!"Dumbass uncle #1 replies, bellowing like a donkey.
"She talked to me!"
"Yes. She talked to you!"
"yes! She talked to him!"..................

*continues ad infinitum, until I was so in awe of them after listening to their witty, intellectual repartee that I departed to play basketball at the other end of the court. I swear I could feel my brain cells dying. In case you're from Paloh, what I'm trying to say is that people from the place are backward, rude, stupid, and are irresistible gossips and busybodies.

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