Friday, December 02, 2005

Need..... Motivation....... *gasp*........!!!!!

It's been a long, hard two weeks in the quest to build a stronger, better body. Situations and friends conspire against me, and the need for willpower and determination cannot be emphasised more.

4 weeks have passed since I felt that twinge in my right knee. I suspect it came from over-tight hamstrings. Didn't provide much of a problem, so I continued jumping and leaping all over the place anyway.

And then the lower back started acting up. No matter, I've eased up on the back workouts in the gym. It allows me to spend more time playing basketball(which isn't really good for building mass) instead.

The stitching on my basketball shoe gave out. I cursed.

The fucking monsoon season is here, and it rains every evening, and some mornings too. There goes basketball.

The right knee twinge became more of a dull aching pain, and the left knee started acting up. The lower back fucking hurts like someone put my spine into the washing machine and forgot to switch it off.

Endorphine and dopamine levels down from the lack of working out, I couldn't muster the motivation to buy energy food. With nothing proper to eat, I started stuffing rubbish down my gullet. Oily, greasy stuff. I had a late-night*sigh* banana leaf meal, a late night burger king Whopper, and for a few days I ate the deep-fried food, oily curries and processed stuff my aunty cooks.

One of my good friends is a certified alcoholic, and spends his days harassing me to go drinking with him. On the same night I ate banana leaf, I caved in and downed two glasses of red, along with a coupla cigarettes to chase it down. What the fuck.....

Mustering a last bit of energy, I dragged myself down to the gym, huffed and puffed my ass off, and barely managed to match my last workout... Oh alright, I cheated a bit. The next day I swore to go buy proper food, and I did.

Still raining, still no basketball, shoe still not repaired, my arms have gotten weaker, both knees giving me problems, and I've got a raging backache. All I've got is fish in the freezer and friends who are determined to make me fat.

I will survive.

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