Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Goal number one (2006)

It's official. I have my first concrete challenge of 2006, and I will win this bet by a margin so fucking huge that my audience will cry in disbelief.

Tonight, over a yum cha session with Li Jin and Sien Jeen at the Chick Showroom(Tanjung USJ), Li Jin challenged me to a dunk contest. First person to be able to dunk gets dinner at Italiannie's bought by the other; A dunk defined as only a solid one-handed jam through the rim.

Finally, FINALLY, I have a worthy challenge. My goal is to AT LEAST jam two-handed by the 18th of March. And then I'm going to do a one-handed pullup on the rim while shouting "Who's your daddy bitch!!!"

How am I going to do that?
1. 8% body fat.
2. plyometrics.
3. yoga.
4. Glucosamine sulphate.

Watch this space. I'll post my dunk video before I leave for Phuket in March.

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