Thursday, January 19, 2006

Music Review: Kanye West

I'm ashamed to say I absolutely enjoyed Kanye West's new album, "Late Registration". I usually hate the ugly looking fucker because he acts and looks like a retard(no offence to the mentally-challenged). But my conscience wouldn't allow me to pass judgement before a thorough investigation, and so I went to Tower Records and bought "Late Registration" and "College Dropout".

They were both great. Every single track is immaculately produced, overflowing with creativity and shot through with liberal amounts of melody, groove, and soul. And there are funny pseudo-boot-camp skits in between the songs to create even more enjoyment. Kanye West is good. Really, REALLY good.

Doesn't change the fact that he looks and acts like a retard though.


Kilian said...

Diamonds are forever..


Diamonds are forever


Diamonds are forever..and its forever ever , forever ever forever ever,


How much boring could that be?

El Nino said...

Each to his own, my friend, each to his own. I could listen to "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" forever, with that commanding womanly "dIAMONDS ARE FOREVER.........." reverberating in the background.

Let us agree to disagree. And btw if you want Jamie Foxx's "unpredictable", let me know.