Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Hobbit passed me a meme

The Hobbit tagged me. So here it is.

4 jobs you've had in your life
(I'll put the more interesting ones)

1. MCQ question marker for mum.
2. Cocoa picker(for a day, damn hot, damn hard work, damn messy and dirty, and damn, didn't get paid)
3. Engineering intern.
4. Program Designer.

4 movies you could watch over and over.

1. Fight Club
2. Pulp Fiction.
3. Spiderman
4. Big-Boob Lesbian Fairytales 2: Return of the cum-garglers. Italian Job/Ronin/Bullitt.

4 TV Shows you love(d) to watch.

1. Kumars at no. 42.
2. Oliver's Twist.
3. Surfing the Menu (yes, I love cooking shows, fuck off if you're not happy, you're not getting any of my fettucine in clam sauce).
4. Whose Line is it Anyway?

4 places you've lived (Huh. This is easy.)

1. Kuala Lipis.
2. Muar.
3. Sungai Buloh.
4. Karak(and I haven't even stated the last 4)

4 places you've been on vacation to(hah! This is even easier! Cuti-cuti Malaysia! Let no one say that I am not a patriot. nyeheheheh)

1. Pulau Tioman.
2. Pulau Redang.
3. Taman Negara Endau Rompin. Wait. Scratch that. That was more like boot camp than a vacation. Pulau Lang Tengah.
4. Pulau Pangkor. I got 4!!!! If you're unhappy that they're all easily accessible malaysian islands, then how about Pulau Pinang/Pulau Langkawi :) Still not happy? Ok-lah. Tanah Tinggi Genting/Cameron/Fraser's.
4 places you would rather be

1. Ipoh. Always.
2. Laughing and playing with the funny, incredibly intoxicating, unbelievably kind Liv(pic on right).
3. Aspen/ Lillehammer/ Whistler. Snowboarding every single day.
4. Sipadan Island. Diving every single fucking day and night.

4 of your favourite foods

Shite. Now this is tough.... Haggis? Liver? Blood pudding? Pig's head?
1. Mummy's cooking.
2. banana leaf rice.
3. crab(preferably with roe). In heaven we eat crabs with giant claws for every meal and never get high cholesterol.
4. eggs. Same as crab.

4 websites that you visit daily


4 victims tagged
-none. I'm not as evil as the hobbit.


ChoonSeng said...

Dood... wazzah? Your blog is like ze breath of fresh air blown onto me fuzzing face every ze fuzzing day. Keep writing and keep ze humour flowing... I shall never view zis page while drinkin ze milk. Hope ya don't mind I linked you. Ciao dood.

Raksha said...

Bugger! Dude! MUST you keep referring to me as Le Hobbit? Le EVIL Hobbit to boot. *growls*. I wanna kick your balls now. [pause]. But I think I'm not tall enough, so I'll settle for kicking your ankles instead. KNN! *kicks!*