Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Period so what? (feminazi post)

Remember the old joke? Never trust anything that bleeds non-stop for a week and doesn't die.

I got blindsided by Elaine today while I was scratching my head over the new location-based program at work. She IM-ed me out of the blue with a "humph". I answered with a "??" and she blithely informed me that she was having mood swings(that time of the month) and "humph-ed" me because she needed to find someone to take out her imaginary demons on. I calmly rebuffed her attempts to make me a virtual punching bag and explained that she was giving me way too much personal information(which I'm making public here, and for which she will undoubtedly kill me). We continued with our normal raunchy, insulting banter and amusing little girl that she is, she managed to entertain me as always. We're old pals now. I know she was just being affectionate when she picked me as her victim.

Now for some real serious shit. Ladies, in case you've been reading too much feminazi literature or watching too much Bridget Jones and actually believe that a fat insecure whore will get a guy like Hugh Grant in real life and that all guys should treat you like a little princess even if you're being a bitch, well,


You don't deserve any more respect, chivalry or deference than the next person, male or female, unless you earn it. I'm a strong believer in equal rights for the sexes, but that doesn't mean you're allowed to behave like a bitch and get away with it. Elaine's joke got me to thinking about the deranged women who actually took this female emancipation thing too seriously, and actually believed that they have a right to behave as they liked just because they're haemorrhaging slimy blood from their pussies(yes girls, I know, don't look so shocked).

Having your period does not mean that you can do outrageously rude things like give unwarranted snipey remarks, or take your temper out on your boyfriend, and explain it away with "oh it's that time of the month. Be more sensitive."

No, YOU be more sensitive. Be more responsible over your own behaviour. Imagine if a guy went out and started telling hot women to their faces that he wanted to grab their asses and explain it away with "Oh I'm feeling horny. It's the testosterone. Be more sensitive."

Oh NOW you're feeling outraged. What? It's not the same thing? But it is. We're ruled by our hormones also mah.

If you consider yourself a lady, behave like one. A dear friend of mine used to get cramps every time she menstruated, and would give up on her appetite if we went out for dinner. She never gave me any of that "be sensitive, I'm having my period" bullshit though. She never even mentioned it unless I asked. I'd find out when she pushed her food around. Believe it when I tell you I took the extra effort to pamper her and make sure she was having a good time. Any guy worth having will behave the same, but don't you agree that you shouldn't take advantage of his kindness?

On the other hand, another girl I know does that moody crying weak damsel-in-distress thing and gives me loads of chick bullshit. Sometimes I don't even know whether she's really having her period. I could take the unexplained emotional crying(you just have to tuck her under your arm and let her cry 'til she's dry. She'll inevitably smile with gratitude and swollen eyes when she's done, embarrassed that she 'looks horrible' but never for wetting the entire front of your shirt. Women!), it's the rudeness and general childish behaviour I don't put up with.

Some women take this charade too fucking far. Blame my upbringing, but I generally look out for the girls I'm with, and all women in general. But these cunts take the cake, believing erroneously that just because they've pushed around some softy guys in the past and seeing that I'm an accomodating person, they think they can get away with bitchy behaviour with me, even when they're not having their period. These (usually butt-ugly) women insist on they're rights in society, blatantly ignoring the unspoken social code that the amount of deference you get is usually linked to how hot you are(It's true isn't it? :) I'm actually extra-nice already, for judging them by only their behaviour, and not looks).They're usually feminazis, amazingly sexist women who try to take advantage of men by utilising their only weapon, accusations of sexual discrimination by men, as often as possible.

Maybe you've heard remarks like these before when a guy refused to be bullied, for example when he asks a footballing girl what's her fascination with football(since he doesn't play the sport) or when he calls her out when she's giving out anal behaviour when she's on the rag.
"What a sexist remark!"
"Yer... so not gentleman wan. People that time of the month mah! Sensitive a bit lah!"

I don't blast these bitches right to their faces. Just ignore them, guys. It's a good thing. Learn to do it. They'll probably end up frustrated with pussy-whipped useless boring guys while we get to preserve our dignity and save our energy to pamper the women that deserve it. Leave them to their loud-mouthed opinions and sexist remarks.

Sleep on it, girls: if you've behaved or thought of behaving like an asshole just because you're menstruating, don't. Its not worth it. Is a moment of instant gratification worth your dignity and the chance to be pampered willingly? On the other hand, if you're a lady and behave like one, you'll always be treated well by the men you deserve.


Raksha said...

Aww...you know I WUV you...haha! Sides, when a hobbit's on a mood rage, it's very logical she takes it out on the nearest orc. *beams gleefully*. Oi. You forgot to mention I've practically NEVER had mood swings until yesterday, hence my (noble) quest to 'humPh' you. Bah. *hobbit-stomp*

(God that sounded so wrong. GAH.)

El Nino said...

Oh hush! We'll try to meet soon. Do try to keep your pants on until then my luvvie-wuvvie.