Saturday, January 14, 2006

Kena Rogol

The damnedest fucking thing happened to me today. I was climbing rock at Summit USJ with Ong, minding my own business, when this teenage dude suddenly stepped in front of me and shoved his right hand into my chalk bag without warning.

He proceeded to rub his hand vigorously using MY chalk as I just stood there disbelievingly. He pulled out his right hand and I thought that he got scared from the half-tulan/half-surprised look on my face. I was surprised, but I saw he was wearing rented shoes and thought that he might have mistaken me for staff, and that chalk was free.

But NO, he only took out his hand so that he could insert his OTHER hand in. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? I entertained thoughts of slapping him(to make him aware) and then bashing him to a pulp, but it was too late for that since I was already left holding the chalk bag for him like his bloody slave. It wouldn't have been cool for me to snap out of my catatonic state now and show him what The Rock was cooking. So I just held the bag and waited as he happily had his way with my virgin block of magnesium carbonate.

Ong Puay Seong, the motherfucker, was laughing his ass off looking at me being violated by a stranger.

After the kid was done, he just patted his hands and left, not even a word of thanks.

AND THEN HE TRIED TO DO IT AGAIN!!!! I couldn't believe the bastard! I was sitting down, so of course he couldn't see it as it's usually hung by a strap behind you. He walked by, stopped and looked at me and rubbed his hands together, and then gave me a "where is it?" expression. I didn't know whether to laugh or get mad. After he searched a while, he actually came back to ask me, "can I have some chalk?"

Me being a nice polite little boy, I grudgingly lifted my ass, unhooked the carabiner and gave him the bag, but not before telling him,"Ei you scared me just now you know?"
"You scared me just now you know? Just come and take my chalk."
"Oh sorry sorry." said without a hint of regret as he half-snatched the bag out of my hands, proceeded to undo the tight strap, and fondled my chalk ALL over again.

Ong was attempting to boulder under an overhang, but gave up, fell onto the crash pad and laughed so hard he was holding his tummy and beating his hands on the crash pad all the time, eyes all scrunched up in mirth.

After teenage rapist was done, I kept getting comments from Ong warning me not to hang my bag behind me.
"You somore hang it BEHIND ah?!?............... WUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!"

I give up. The world is made of fuckers.


Raksha said...

WAHAHAHA! Oh dear..*wipes tears from eyes*. I mean, how are you feeling now? [Fake sympathy]. Well, umm..does it hurt? Sitting down I mean? WAHAHAHAH! Oops, I mean...there there...*pats head*. You'll get over it. Hee hee.

El Nino said...

Fuck you too, Elaine, you mean little hobbit! :) *sigh* The world IS full of fuckers.