Thursday, January 05, 2006

Signs I'm Getting Old

1. More and more of the women I find attractive have CHILDREN. I go "Wow, hot mama." and realise that she's pushing her trolley or leading her 3-year old son by the hand.
2. Teenage prefects (in navy blue skirts) nowadays are just that, teenage and prefects.
3. I've already lost my innocence, and society is hard at work chipping away the veneer of my ideals. It's damn hard work just trying to be a good person.
4. I understand, even as I refrain from, the machinations and politics inherent in lesser, insecure human beings.
5. I want to settle down and find a nice girl. emphasis on 'a'.
6. I'm taking glucosamine. If you know what glucosamine is, you are old.
7. I'm eating healthier than my grandmother.
8. I have back pain.
9. No more life-threatening shit like climbing gutters.
10. Rap has gone mainstream...... Aiyeeeee!!!!! *horror* I'm a rebel no longer.

Getting old sucks.


Kilian said...

Fuck off please

Kilian said...

btw this is your friendly neigborhood good friend. I'll tell you what, you get married before 25, i give you 1000 ringgit aka all my savings to you as angpau. A great friend I am. I am giving you almost like 10 times as much as any ordinary people will give you. And if you have a child before you're 26, I'll give you another RM 500 for your child's milk products . Again, such a nice friend here.

Oh btw , please fuck off.